Pedal Kayaks


The Hobie Pedal Kayaks will definitely be the most comfortable and effortless kayak you have ever been on. Rather than using a paddle and your arms, you pedal the kayak with Hobie's innovative drive. You can really cover some ground with these incredible new machines. 

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Renting a kayak for the day is the ultimate eco-friendly way to get to those secret spots around St. John that are only possible by boat. We are very excited for you to see it all. Lets explore!



The Hobie Pedal Kayaks have the most comfortable seating we have seen in any kayak before. The seats are adjustable with lumbar support and the pedals adjust giving the perfect fit. The chairs are removable and convert into beach chairs. There is plenty of storage for bags, a cooler and all your snorkel gear. 


Half Day (4) Hour Rental

Hobie Pedal Kayak - $75

Full Day (8) Hour Rental 

Hobie Pedal Kayak - $120

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