The Zodiac Experience

Explore the Virgin Islands in our new Zodiac N-ZO’s with 200hp Yamaha Outboards

Your Boat, Your Time

You can finally bareboat on St. John! With proper experience you can be your own captain and make your own itinerary!

Best Kept Secrets

A boat can get you places that will just blow your mind. From beach bars to some of the worlds most amazing wonders.

Food, Drinks, Fun

Some of the coolest restaurants and bars are accessible only by water such as Lime Out, Pizza Pi, Dinghy's & ZoZo's.

About Renting A Zodiac

To our customers who have the experience necessary to captain their own vessel, you will fall in love with our new Zodiac N-ZO’s. While we do have a few rules & limitations on where you can go and most cases are weather dependent however we will work with you and your requests to provide you with the itinerary you want. Our Zodiacs are equipped with Garmin GPS and most destinations are pre-programmed into the system. Before you depart, our staff will spend as much time as needed to orientate you with the vessel and local waters to plan an itinerary based upon your requests. We will mark your destinations on your charts making it very easy to navigate to. We will point out any hazards and give you any tips we might have to make sure you have an enjoyable but most importantly safe day on the water. Once you book the Zodiac, please reach out if you would like us to help you plan your day! 🙂

Half Day Rental

3.5 Hours Starting at 9:00am or 1:00pm
$ 395 Half Day
  • Does NOT Include Fuel
  • Safety Equipment
  • Up to 6 Persons

Full Day Rental

7 Hours Starting at 9:00am
$ 595 Full Day
  • Does NOT Include Fuel
  • Safety Equipment
  • Up to 6 Persons

Frequently Asked Questions & Rules

Please Read Before Booking A Zodiac

Yes. Well, Kinda. Every destination is 100% weather (sea conditions) dependent. If the sea conditions are good then we are much more flexible on where you can go. We can generally predict the sea conditions 3-4 days out. Regardless, we can most always make the most of the day and conditions given. Before you depart, you and our staff will plan out an itinerary for your day and it is agreed upon by both parties that you will stick to that itinerary. Each boat is equipped with a tracking device for your safety and any vessel that deviates from their agreed upon itinerary will result in the loss of their $500 Security Deposit.

We cannot control the sea conditions. When booking a Zodiac please understand that sea conditions can alter your plans. If you are not able to go exactly where you want, we will plan an alternative itinerary for you. If you are dead set on going to a specific destination we highly recommend chartering one of our Charter Boats!

Yes Please do! We want you to have the best day possible. Please bring whatever you would like to make your day better. It’s your boat! We also have coolers, chairs, speakers, snorkel gear and other items available for rent!

We understand that every boat is a little different and we will go over the vessel with you prior to your departure. But… We are NOT a boat driving school. We require you to know the basics of operating a motor vessel and have experience in a similar sized vessel. We expect you to arrive to our facility confident and comfortable navigating our boats in a safe manner in the Virgin Islands waters. If you feel uncomfortable navigating on your own, we highly suggest hiring a captain or tour guide to accompany you on your trip. If during your orientation our staff feels uncomfortable in your ability to operate the vessel on your own, we hold the right to require a captain or cancel your reservation with no refund.

Yes, Absolutely! If you either feel uncomfortable operating the vessel on your own or you simply want someone to show you around you can hire a captain or a tour guide to accompany you on your trip. You can still be the captain but we will help you navigate, tie the lines and do all the dirty work! Also, if you plan on having a few drinks, having a backup captain is always a great idea!

Our Zodiacs have plenty of power and speed. Actually probably to much! Even though our Zodiacs will exceed speeds of over 50MPH we STRONGLY enforce a 25MPH speed limit. Each vessel is equipped with a speed/location tracking device for your safety. Any vessel that exceeds the speed limit or ventures off track of their agreed upon itinerary will result in the loss of their $500 Security Deposit. 

UPDATE DEC 2022: As of right now the customs and entry process for the BVI is still very  strict, and different customs officers are applying different rules. As of Dec 2022 we are not allowing our boats in the BVI, but we hope to return this service in 2023 sometime in Q1.

Shit Happens, we understand. When renting our Zodiacs you are taking sole responsibility for the vessel and the liability of you and your passengers. We offer a damage insurance policy for you to purchase with your rental to assist with any serious / costly damage but you are responsible for any and all damage caused while the vessel is in your care. Once again, we can’t recommend hiring a captain enough. 

Trust us, we like to have a good time too! Alcohol is allowed on the boat but the driver of the boat is strictly prohibited from operating a vessel over the legal limit of alcohol of 0.08%. We take this very seriously and if the captain of the boat at all appears to be over the limit, we hold the right to require a breathalyzer test when you return. If the captain refuses to test or fails the test, we are required by law to call the US Coast Guard and local authorities. If you at all plan on consuming alcohol on your trip, we highly recommend hiring a captain.

Our mission is to provide an experience and a service you will respect


Wharfside Village, St. John US Virgin Islands