The Dinghy Experience

Explore the North Shore of St. John on our new 12′  Inflatables powered with 25HP Yamaha Outboards

Exclusive Beaches

Some of the best beaches on the North Shore of St. John are only accessible by boat. With a dinghy those beaches are yours!

Beat The Crowds

The best part about taking a dinghy to the beach is... You can go to all of them! Pull the dinghy up on the beach of your choice.

Snorkel The Best

No doubt about it, some of the best snorkeling along the North Shore is around some of our uninhabited islands.

About Renting A Dinghy

Renting a dinghy will be a highlight of your vacation we can assure you! A Dinghy will give you the ability to explore many of the best beaches and destinations St. John and nearby islands have to offer. Leaving from Cruz Bay, you are able to cruise the North Shore to Waterlemon Cay. On the way you will be able to stop at any of the beaches that might catch your eye including some of St. John’s most popular beaches such as Honeymoon, Hawksnest, Trunk Bay, Cinnamon Bay, Maho Bay and more. Renting a dinghy gives you the freedom to soak up the beautiful Caribbean waters at your own pace on your own schedule. After a short orientation with our staff, you will be able to captain the dinghy on your own which really is a lot of fun. Another great benefit to renting a dinghy is the fact that you don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot! Its the best way to spend your day at the beach.

Half Day Rental

3.5 Hours Starting at 10:00am or 2:00pm
$ 195 Half Day
  • Includes Fuel
  • Safety Equipment
  • Up to 4 Passengers

Full Day Rental

7 Hours Starting at 10:00am
$ 249 Full Day
  • Includes Fuel
  • Safety Equipment
  • Up to 4 Passengers

Frequently Asked Questions & Rules

Please Read Before Booking A Dinghy

The Dinghy is limited to the North Shore of St. John from Cruz Bay to Waterlemon Cay. Weather conditions may limit you to certain beaches depending on the wind and swell. If you are wanting to go somewhere specific, please contact us a few days prior and we can let you know what the sea condition predictions look like. We are happy to reschedule you if possible.

We cannot control the sea conditions. We can typically predict what the sea conditions will be like 2-3 days outs. We make the decision each morning on which beaches we allow the boats to go. We are happy to reschedule you or cancel your reservation 48 hours in advance. 

Yes Please do! We want you to have the best day possible. Please bring whatever you would like to make your day better. It’s your boat! We also have coolers, chairs, speakers, snorkel gear and other items available for rent!

We understand that every boat is a little different and we will go over the vessel with you prior to your departure. But… We are NOT a boat driving school. We require you to know the basics of operating a motor vessel and have experience in a similar sized vessel. We expect you to arrive to our facility confident and comfortable navigating our boats in a safe manner in the Virgin Islands waters. If you feel uncomfortable navigating on your own, we highly suggest hiring a captain or tour guide to accompany you on your trip. If during your orientation our staff feels uncomfortable in your ability to operate the vessel on your own, we hold the right to require a captain or cancel your reservation with no refund.

Yes, Absolutely! If you either feel uncomfortable operating the vessel on your own or you simply want someone to show you around you can hire a captain or a tour guide to accompany you on your trip. You can still be the captain but we will help you navigate, tie the lines and do all the dirty work! Also, if you plan on having a few drinks, having a backup captain is always a great idea!

The Dinghy will go faster than you will want to go! They have plenty of power to get up on plane and have plenty of speed. We will reiterate this during your orientation but you must use extreme caution when operating these vessels as they have the ability to go very fast. 

Dinghys are not allowed to go to the BVI. Simply because thats crazy and you’ll probably run out of gas anyhow. If you wish to go to the BVI, we anticipate that our larger Zodiac fleet will be able to start going back to the BVI sometime in early 2023.

Shit Happens, we understand. When renting our boats you are taking sole responsibility for the vessel and the liability of you and your passengers. We require each customer to purchase damage insurance policy with your rental to assist with any serious / costly damage. Insurance is $15 for Half Day Rentals and $20 for Full Day Rentals. There is a $750 Deductible. 

Trust us, we like to have a good time too! Alcohol is allowed on the boat but the driver of the boat is strictly prohibited from operating a vessel over the legal limit of alcohol of 0.08%. We take this very seriously and if the captain of the boat at all appears to be over the limit, we hold the right to require a breathalyzer test when you return. If the captain refuses to test or fails the test, we are required by law to call the US Coast Guard and local authorities. If you at all plan on consuming alcohol on your trip, we highly recommend hiring a captain.

Our mission is to provide an experience and a service you will respect


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